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“The whole team at IEI (Sales, Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality) deserves our thanks for always exhibiting professionalism and willingness to work together to meet a challenge.  Also, our customer is very impressed with the facilities and capabilities of IEI and more than that, they are impressed and confident in the staff of IEI.”
-Eric Braden
Program Manager

“Thank you very much for your help in manufacturing wireless data receivers for CUE Paging.  The assistance that you and your team at Irvine Electronics have provided is vital to the success of CUE Paging.  I would like to take the opportunity to commend you on your ability to meet our stringent deadlines, to produce quick turn prototypes, to test and help debug our receivers.  The quality of your manufacturing is first rate, which is equally met by the expertise of your entire staff.  Your excellence has helped to make it possible for CUE Paging to form relationships with BMW, Microsoft, Clarion, and many other companies.”
-Ryan Bullock
CUE Corporation
Mechanical Engineer

“On behalf of the INLINE Management team and all the INLINE personnel, who work closely with personnel of Irvine Electronics, I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for providing INLINE with quality services.  For the past two years you have been responding with a professional attitude to our needs as related to our sub-assembly labor costs and schedules of sub-assembly deliveries, which has helped INLINE tremendously in meeting deliveries to our customers and support our growth.”
-Pete Portoulas
Director of Operations

“We are very pleased with the outstanding work that you have provided us the past few years. The quality, service and turnaround time has been excellent.  This performance has helped us successfully introduce our new infrared camera product lines to our customers on time.  Our customers are located all over the US and the world and hence, the quality built into these systems is of utmost importance to us.  You have met and exceeded our expectations in every aspect.  Thank you for being available when needed with your excellent quality and outstanding service.”
-Fred Sheldon
Director Sensor Products

“Packard Hughes Interconnect wishes to thank you for all your continued support of our Corvette Switch program.  Your responsiveness, flexibility, and commitment has exceeded our expectations in insuring that we receive material in a timely matter so that we can meet our customers needs.  Your customer service is exemplary and your team should be commended for their efforts.”
-Alan Weber
Packard Hughes
Vice President of Operations

“We would like to recognize Irvine Electronics and its dedicated employees for their contribution to our recently introduced product lines, especially the K56 products. With your quick responses, excellent quality and workmanship, Rockwell was able to minimize the time to market of these products.  Over the past 10 years we have worked with Irvine Electronics and have appreciated the excellent quality and service that you have provided.  However, since the recent very competitive situation in the modem market, your timely help has been of the highest value to us.”
-Edward Han
Director, Test Engineering


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