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Major Equipment List

Our consistency and flexibility is what makes our customers turn to us.  The advanced capabilities coupled with our latest technology equipment are exemplified by the complex products we build. 

  • Universal HSP is a high speed surface mount component placement machine, capable of a placement speed of approximately 36,000 component placements per hour (cph).
  • Universal GSM platform is a flexible placement system that handles a wide range of surface mount and odd form components, as well as a variety of dispensing applications.
  • Dek Horizon has a stencil to board repeatability of 6 sigma @ 25 microns, cycle time of 12.5 seconds and a new product set up time of approximately 10 minutes.
  • Vitrionics Soltec XPM 820 is an 8 zone reflow oven, lead free capable and leads the industry in thermal performance, providing uniformity and repeatability.
  • Quad QSP-2 High Speed Multifunctional SMT Assembler

Fine pitch and BGA placement machine

  • Quad QRS-5 Zone Reflow System
  • Quad QRS-7 Zone Reflow System
  • KIC Thermal Profiling
  • A.P.E. Sniper II SMT/BGA/Chip Scale Rework Station
  • Sanyo 850 Chip Mounter

High Volume
Chip Shooter

  • 5 Quad IV Cís Fine Pitch SMT Assemblers 
  • 2 Quad ZCR Reflow Systems Model 941
  • 2 VMP20B Vertical Motion Stencil Printer
  • 2 Quad AVX 400 Full Automated Printer                       
  • 2 JOT Unstacking Conveyors

BGA Rework
and Repair

  • 2 JOT Inspection Conveyors
  • Electrovert Econo Pak II SMT Flow Solder
  • Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Inline Cleaner

Closed loop DI
aqueous cleaner


Our state-of-the-art facility provides our customers with a world-class level of quality, cost, delivery, and service. As you step into our high-tech building, you find the assembly process flow and placement of all equipment and workstations neatly organized and clean to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

  • IEI operates from a 44,000 sq ft Facility
  • Complete ESD and Environmental Controls; Air-Conditioned
  • Secured stockroom with controlled access-separate locations for each customer
  • CAT 5 wiring in facility allowing direct and flexible connectivity for your high speed IT communication needs.


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