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Fullmer Contract Furniture & Services

Fullmer Contract Furniture & Services is a division of Fullmer Companies. Fullmer Companies is a privately held business that consists of three divisions, Commercial and Industrial Construction, Tenant Improvement and Reconstruction, and Contract Furniture.  The company was founded in 1946 and has built 1,700 buildings totaling in excess of 65 million square feet, including over 10 million square feet of office space.

To increase Fullmer Contract Furniture & Services (Fullmer) new business penetration and revenues by stimulating calls and leads for the Company’s sales representatives during a period in which the contract furniture industry was experiencing significant contraction.

nuVision Productions determined that the primary focus of the marketing campaign was to develop a message designed to clearly communicate the significant ROI that would be generated by purchasing their unique product offerings.

A creative message was scripted to convey Fullmer’s products, services and ROI advantages. On-location video was completed (including two on-camera customer testimonials reinforcing the benefits of Fullmer’s solutions); professional voice over was added; and digital based editing was completed to finish the project. The decision was made to deliver Fullmer’s message via CD-ROM.

nuVision Productions also conducted sales acceleration training for all marketing and sales staff.

After the first year of working with nuVision Productions marketing and sales acceleration campaign, prospect response rates increased 30% and $7 million in new business revenues were generated.

“Our CD was shown to a large governmental agency in another state by a firm that had our CD from another project we had done together.  I’m still not clear on why this firm showed the CD, but I’ll get that information. I can’t share all the facts yet, but here’s the bottom line: this agency has a huge project in our market and contacted us because they want to investigate how we can support them. The CD has brought them to the table. I love it!”

Ray Stromback
Fullmer Contract Furniture & Services

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