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Focus groups have told us that most corporate executives will rarely take the time to review the print mediums of proposals, brochures and cleverly framed letters of introduction, however, they will consider a company’s story presented via digital imagery. They will review a CD or streaming video, if the message will bring more positive results to the bottom line of their company’s balance sheet. Seven out of ten said so….

We offer

  • digital imagery
    • corporate videos
    • cd-rom business cards
    • dvd / cd-rom & interactive
    • streaming video
    • tv commercials
    • video pr
  • production values that meet the standards of broadcast television
  • rich-media
    • when you enhance your web communications with rich-media (Flash, animation, audio, video, etc.) you’ll find that your audience is more receptive, retains your message more completely and is more likely to take action.
    • permission-based targeted e-mail’s embedded with rich-media have been proven to dramatically increase response rates.

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