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Privacy Policy

Landmark Respects Your Right to Privacy
Landmark knows the value of information. We also understand the inherent privacy risks involved in using the Internet. For this reason, we believe that you have the right to know exactly how we collect and use information at our web site. Wherever possible, we try to provide the user with opportunities to review and change any personal information that is collected.

This statement describes privacy practices which apply to the entire Landmark family of web sites. Please note that these sites may contain links to external web sites over which Landmark maintains no control and therefore takes no responsibility regarding privacy considerations or content. By completing any application within this site, you are authorizing Landmark to share your personal information with partners that may assist you.

Summary of Information that Landmark Gathers Online
Landmark collects three types of information from users who visit our web sites: (1) information input by individuals volunteering personal information, (2) information that users provide directly when they use various Landmark services or participate in various Landmark programs, and (3) information that users provide prior to purchasing Landmark products online.

We use page view and navigation information to ensure that users can find information on our web sites as quickly as possible. We collect demographic information through promotional programs to better identify the products and services that will fulfill users' needs. Finally, we use information collected when users complete online applications to check their qualifications, verify their identity, as well as for billing and shipping purposes.

Methods Landmark Uses for Gathering Information
1) Usage Tracking
Landmark analyzes user traffic patterns throughout our web sites. We do not attempt to identify individual visitors to our web sites, but we may collect data on general types of users based on domain name or browser type. This information is obtained directly from the user's web browser identification information.

2) Electronic Newsletters
Landmark may offer electronic newsletters for customers, the press or other interested parties. We collect email addresses and occasionally demographic information to target each newsletter to the appropriate audience. Any user who wishes to be removed from the mailing list for one of these newsletters should follow the directions for removal located at the bottom of each newsletter.

3) Customer and Technical Support
Landmark uses email as an avenue with which to provide customer service and technical support. We do not release any contact information about the user for any purpose. We may contact the customer using this information in an attempt to resolve a prior issue. We may also use the information to proactively notify customers of technical issues which may affect them.

How Landmark uses the information gathered online
Landmark uses tracking information to identify the areas of our web sites that are most heavily utilized. We do not track what individual users view, but rather how well each page performs. We do this to improve the usefulness and effectiveness of our web sites.

The information that users provide while visiting Landmark's web sites will be used to improve the sites themselves, to provide interactive or personalized elements on the site, and to prepare future content based on user interests. By using the Landmark websites, the user is consenting to the collection and use of this information as discussed in this policy.

Landmark uses information that users provide voluntarily to send electronic newsletters and allow users to participate in online programs and services. We send newsletters and e-mail communications to subscribers both on a regular schedule and on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises.

Landmark policies relating to user information
Sharing information: Landmark does not share information about individual users with outside parties without a user's prior consent.

Opt-out policy
If a user does not want Landmark to share their information with other companies, they should inform Landmark by sending an Email to the webmaster or specific program contact if provided. Landmark may also provide an online form for modifying your opt-in status.

Corrections and Updates
Landmark offers users the ability to correct or change information as need through a web form.

Deactivating Landmarkunts and deleting information
Users may unsubscribe to any of our electronic newsletters by following the instructions contained at the end of the newsletter.

Site Security
Landmark's web sites use a variety of security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of information you send to Landmark. The measures taken to protect your information include the user of secure software encryption (SSL). The personal information you provide, such as credit card data, name and address, are encrypted prior to transmission to Landmark. Click here for more details about online security.

A few notes about Cookies
A cookie is a short line of text that is created by a web site and stored in a file on your computer. Cookies are used to store information about your preferences and activity during and after your visit to a web site. Cookies are also used widely in electronic commerce programs to keep track of which items a user has selected for purchase. Cookies cannot gather any information from your computer other than which you provide directly or that which is provided routinely by your browser software. For more information on cookies visit the "cookie central" web site at http://www.cookiecentral.com/.

When you use Landmark online store or donation modules, our server uses a cookie to create and store a "session ID" which identifies you to our server for the duration of your visit. This cookie is stored on your hard drive until you close your browser. To allow access to your private Landmarkunt, your user name and password are stored in a separate cookie in encrypted form.

Note: Your browser must support the use of cookies in order to access Landmark Donate and Landmark Storefront products. If you have set your browser to not accept cookies you will have trouble using the site.

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