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Different Types of Dinnerware

Facts about Stoneware

  • Great for kitchen/utility pieces because it is so incredibly durable.
  • Goes from oven, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher easily without breaking.  Since this clay is initially fired very hot, it can withstand drastic temperature  changes.
  • Retains heat for a longer period of time than metal. So it’s ideal for baking.
  • Conducts heat in a very uniform fashion. This helps to avoid over cooking or undercooking foods.
  • Scratch resistant so it can be staked easily without harming the glaze.
  • Does not absorb odors or flavors
  • Resistant to chipping or breaking

Oven-to-table collections are in high demand due to the ease of storing food in the same container in which it was baked, Convenience. The typical American “go-go lifestyle” fuels this trend.

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Mayfair & Jackson offers a beautiful collection of stoneware pieces that go from oven-to-table in style.

Stoneware Info:

What is stoneware?

Stoneware is a “high-fired” clay material used to make all types of products ranging from bakeware to birdbaths. Stoneware is a stronger clay compared to its lesser grade cousin earthenware. It is fired to a high temperature (about 2185 degrees Fahrenheit) and becomes vitreous (i.e. – glass like). It can then be left undecorated or decorated with colored glazes with an optional clear glaze coating and re-fired. Technically speaking, clay which has a waterproof rating of less than 2% is considered stoneware

Stoneware vs. Earthenware: A side-by-side comparison:


Stoneware (oven-to-table)

Earthenware (ceramic ware)

Impervious to water (water tight)

Not impervious to water (cannot hold water)

Chip resistant

Chips easily

Color: Buff or terra cotta

Color: white

Feel: textured

Feel: chalky

Look: like pottery

Look: rough white

Looks great undecorated or decorated.

Can only use when decorated.

Can withstand high/low temp.

Cannot withstand high/low temp.

Oven safe

Not oven safe

Suited for household use.

Suited for decorative use

Painting bisque: Wipe off mistakes.  Glazes flow: bisque is not porous

Painting bisque: Cannot correct mistakesGlazes adheres to bisque: bisque is porous

Firing: Leave the bottom of the piece dry and place on shelf

Paint or glaze the bottom of the piece and stilt on shelf.

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