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HWI Metro, a division of Housewares International, is a dependable and trusted housewares supplier in the U.S.  Metro Marketing was founded in Los Angeles in 1975. Since its conception, Metro has been a leading importer of kitchenware, tabletop products and small kitchen electrics. HWI boasts some of the most premier U.S. retailers in the country.

HWI Metro is a fully-owned subsidiary of Australian-based HWI which owns and manages some of the world’s leading consumer brands including:   Breville, Metro, Arcosteel, and Mayfair & Jackson. HWI applies cutting-edge technology and design savvy to bring the most innovative and sought-after products to the market.

We have new and long-term relationships with icon retailers and are increasing our market share in key markets around the world. HWI has subsidiaries in Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Shanghai China and the U.S. By utilizing our own R & D resources, supply network and distribution channels, HWI is able to support our retailers’ growth strategy. HWI is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the stock symbol “HWI”.

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