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At Copenbarger & Copenbarger LLP., we recognize that not every person needs a living trust, and no one solution is right for everyone. We also believe that the public should be informed about the importance of estate planning. That is why we conduct seminars.

Our two main types of seminars are church seminars and client seminars.  The church seminars are open to the public through coordination with a local congregation and focus on educating the people on estate planning topics.  They are designed to help people realize the importance of planning for the future and to teach them the fundamentals of estate plans.  At the seminar, attendees are also able to set an appointment with an attorney for a free consultation to analyze their needs. The client seminars, by contrast, are open to existing clients and are designed to further educate them on topics such as trust administration, trust funding, and legal advances that affect their existing documents.

However, our seminars are vastly different from many popular seminars that are held these days. In fact, there are many companies that hold estate planning seminars.  Unfortunately, most of these companies are not reputable law firms, but are scams or “trust mills.”  Their goal is to sell as many trust documents as possible, regardless of the needs of the client. These documents are often ineffective, incomprehensive, and not tailored to the client’s individual situation. People who rely on these kinds of trusts are almost never legally protected the way that they think they are, and many do not even realize the feebleness of their documents.

As attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of California, and with over 50 years of collective experience in estate planning, we are not a trust mill.  Our attorneys meet personally with each client to ensure that they receive estate planning documents that are closely and carefully tailored to meet their unique needs. We understand that careful planning today can eliminate countless problems tomorrow.

Attend one of our seminars and you will see the Copenbarger philosophy in action.

To register for a seminar, click here.


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