“Stop Chasing and Start Winning”

Do you enjoy betting on sports but are tired of losing?  Would you like to increase your winning percentage?  If so, we are here to help. First and foremost, we are unlike all other betting services. In fact, we are not a traditional “service” at all.  You pay a ONE TIME fee, and ENIGMA SPORTS SERVICES will teach you a unique betting strategy that works. In other words, there are no high pressure phone calls, and no subscription or per game fees. We do not claim, as do many betting services, to have formulated years of statistics or to have inside information of a star player’s status for a specific game.  Competing with the information available to the Las Vegas odds makers is, in our opinion, not a sound betting strategy. 

Most importantly, this is a simple yet practical betting strategy that, when implemented, will dramatically increase your winning percentage.  The ENIGMA theory is based upon sound reason and logic, but does not apply to every game. As a result, it requires slight discipline and patience on your part.  Upon paying your one time fee, you will have access to ENIGMA SPORTS SERVICE’S unique strategy to use now and in the future.  Additionally, we will provide you with a user friendly, interactive spreadsheet that will assist you with your future betting decisions.  Again, there will be NO follow up expenses, annual subscriptions or high pressure phone calls. We are teaching you a powerful strategy to increase your winning percentage and return on investments, and providing you with the knowledge and tools to be successful.   

Have you ever wondered how the Las Vegas odds maker’s lines are often so close to the final score? How many times have you lost a big bet by just the hook (half point)?  Now, how would you like it if you could discover a way to affect the initial line without paying the extra juice?  As an example, if your favorite football team is favored by 20 points wouldn’t you rather just give up 15, or maybe even 10 points?  What if you could turn a slight favorite into an underdog and get points instead?  You will learn how to get up to teaser lines (or better) on a single bet without having to pay teaser rates or even parlay your wager!  We are excited to teach you a new paradigm in sports betting that will turn the odds in your favor, all for a very small fee relative to your earning potential!

Finally, a little bit about our name.  During World War II, the Germans developed a machine that sent encrypted messages of tactical information from their headquarters out to the field.  They called this machine the ENIGMA, and their unswerving belief of the machine’s infallibility ultimately led to their downfall.  Once the US and its allies were able to “crack the enigma’s code” all intercepted messages could be read.  Today, many historians believe that the Allies’ ability to read the Enigma-enciphered messages and act on that information shortened the war by as many as two years, saving thousands of Allied and Axis lives. Now, we are certainly not claiming to have discovered anything of such historical importance.  However, by paying your one time fee of $250.00 US you will learn a method to essentially “crack the code” of Las Vegas sports lines and turn them to your favor. As our motto says:

Stop Chasing and Start Winning!