Edison Source

Edison Source provides customers with a single source for all their energy needs. The company focuses on using its expertise to help clients evaluate complex energy choices and make decisions designed for maximum profitability and operating efficiency. Key services include

  • Integrated Energy Outsourcing. This program provides solutions for customers' lighting, heating, air conditioning, central plants, power quality/reliability, and energy management systems. Edison Source assumes full responsibility for a facility's entire energy infrastructure, allowing the customer to focus on the company's core business.
  • Industrial Fast Charge. IFC provides fast-charging equipment, installation and service solutions for electric forklift applications in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Launched in March 1998, IFC uses proprietary technology for rapid recharging of forklift batteries, a process which reduces charge time by as much as 50%.
Edison Select

Edison Select provided retail and small commercial customers high-quality services that address customers' needs for security, comfort, and convenience.

Edison Security
Through its acquisition of Westec Residential Security, Edison Security has become one of the top three providers of home security in Southern California.  Westec’s customer base and 25 years of home security expertise provide an excellent platform for sales growth, cross-selling opportunities and future consolidations in the home security market.

Edison Utility Services

Edison Utility Services offers a diverse array of services to electric utilities nationwide and in Canada, including but not limited to, billing and transmission and distribution outsourcing.

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