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Head Styles

Head Styles

Flat Head

To be used where finished surfaces require a flush fastening unit. The countersunk portion offers good centering possibilities.

Hex Head

This is the standard type of wrench-applied hexagon head, characterized by clean, sharp corners trimmed to close tolerances. Recommended for general applications.

Oval Head

This head is identical to the standard flat head., but possesses, in addition, a rounded, neat appearing upper surface for attractiveness of design.

Pan Head

Recommended for new designs to replace round, truss and binding heads. Provides a low large diameter head, but with characteristically high outer edge along the outer periphery of the head where driving action is most effective for high tightening torque.

Round Head

Not recommended for new design. This head was the most universally used design in the past.

Square Head

The square head has a flat top surface, four flat sides and a flat bearing surface.

Truss Head

Also known as oven head, stove head, and oval binding head. A low, neat appearing, large diameter head having excellent design qualities, and as illustrated can be used to cover larger diameter clearance holes in sheet metal when additional play in assembly tolerance is required.

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