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Floors and stairs squeak when wooden floorboards or structural beams rub against each other. The bridging between the joists can squeak when the floor above flexes under traffic. Floorboards may squeak if they have not been properly nailed to the subfloor. Water pipes or air ducts may also rub against floor joists.

When possible, fix squeaks from underneath the floor or staircase. If the bottom of the floor or staircase is covered by a finished ceiling, work on squeaks from the top side. Carpeted floors can sometimes be fixed from above if access below is restricted.

1. Squeaky floors covered with longer piled carpet can be silenced by driving a small flat head sheet metal screw through the carpet and pad, into the floor joist. Countersink the screw head in the subfloor. This will release any trapped pad under the screw head and allow the carpet to lie flat.

2. Drill a pilot hole through the subfloor, then a smaller pilot hole into the finished floor. Have someone stand on the raised boards while you pull the loose boards down by tightening with a wood screw

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