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Wood Screws For joining two pieces of wood. Un-threaded shank allows top piece of wood to be drawn tight to the bottom piece.

Sheet Metal Screws Hardened steel. Self-tapping fully threaded shank to join sheet metal and draw together. Can be used in wood as well, but will not draw pieces together unless a hole larger than the screw is predrilled in top piece.

Machine Screws General-purpose fasteners for all types of materials, use with nuts or directly into a threaded receptacle. Easy to remove and re-install. Does not rely on threads being created in material.


Lag Screws For fastening directly into wood surfaces where access to opposite side is restricted. Use with lag screw shields for masonry applications.

Carriage Bolts Smooth round head for appearance, security & safety. Square neck will lock into wood to allow tightening.

Hex Bolts General-purpose fastener for all types of materials. Hex head allows for tightening from both sides.

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